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Why should I register to FASHIONSTORE?

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Why should I leave my VAT?

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Where do you ship?

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What shipping options are available?

Currently we are shipping all over Pakistan and soon we will be starting our delivery services around the Globe.


How do I know my order was shipped?

Once your order is confirmed you will be receiving the confirmation Email from our Stock Team .

I changed my mind about an ordered item. Can I cancel the order?

Once your order is confirmed you can drop and email within 6 hours to cancel the order at


What payment methods do you accept?

In our web shop we accept VISA, Mastercard, Fonepay, Easypaisa, and Cash on Delviery. If you wish to pay via another payment method, please contact us at sales -

I was about to pay by credit card but the payment process was interrupted. Why?

Reasons for an interrupted payment process can be:

-    Your credit card is outdated.
-    Your credit card information is wrong.
-    Your account has not enough funds.

Please contact your bank first to exclude the mistakes mentioned above. If your credit card is fine, we are happy to assist you at